I’m in love with VS Code ! I think it’s an awesome code editor, highly extensible and customizable.
VS Code is open source, runs on Linux, Mac and Windows, and has a wide community. The dev team is really reactive and communicates well about the new features and improvements made month after month.

I’m sharing there my favorites extensions, some tips and stuffs I’ve found while using this great tool.


Homepage : VS Code Marketplace

Syncing VSCode settings and extensions

Settings Sync : uses your GitHub account and Gist to sync your preferences and installed extensions.
Shift + Alt + U to upload your settings.
Shift + Alt + D to download your settings.


LaTeX Workshop


markdownlint : Markdown linting and style checking for Visual Studio Code

To disable one or more rules in a file, add this line : <!-- markdownlint-disable MD001 MD002 -->
(MDxxx are the rules identifiers)

Markdown TOC: Generate TOC (table of contents) of headlines from parsed markdown file.


VS Code documentation - Themes
Darcula Theme => ext install vscode-theme-darcula Material Icon Theme: provides lots of nice Material Design icons.

Working with Markdown files in VS Code

Markdown and VS Code

View the preview : Ctrl+Shift+V
View the preview side-by-side : Ctrl+K V

Some useful settings

Set default end-of-line as LF : "files.eol": "\n" ("\r\n" for CRLF)