Various tips for Windows users

Environment variables

Windows (10) environment variables : complete list of environment variables in Windows 10 (most are also availables in previous versions).\ MSDN - Recognized Environment Variables : another list, made for USMT (User State Migration Tool) but it contains also the common environment variables.

Virtual Desktop


Windows + Ctrl + D : Create a new virtual desktop and switch to it.\ Windows + Ctrl + F4 : Close the current virtual desktop.\ Windows + Ctrl + Left|Right : Switch to the virtual desktop on the left or right.

Third-party apps

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer: a nice utility that adds various features to virtual desktops, like :

  • Indicator in the tray area to now the number of the current desktop
  • Assigning custop desktop names
  • Setting a custom wallpaper for each virtual desktop

Useful tools

Scoop: A command-line installer for Windows. Usage example: scoop install curl.